Blu Smooth MK1 Super Flex Triathlon Unisex Wetsuit


We highly recommend this suit for any beginner or intermediate swimmers and triathletes, created by ex olympian Kevin Richardson this suit delivers insane flexibilty, comfort, warmth and performance, you will be very impressed!!

Mk1 open water wetsuit
The blu_smooth MK1 unisex swimming wetsuit utilizes the finest materials and combines innovative design with quality construction.
Designed by Kevin Richards to suit open water swimmers and triathletes of all levels, the MK1 delivers what any quality swimming wetsuit should and at a realistic price.

Achieved through simple yet clever design combined with quality materials that vary in thickness in key areas.

Quality construction and quality fabrics combine to provide maximum warmth without restricting swimming efficiency.

Maximum Buoyancy
Is dictated primarily by the key 5mm ‘chest-to-knee’ panel. This is the maximum allowable thickness for triathlon events.

Yamamoto SCS Smoothshin #38(*unless otherweise specified)
stretch nylon inner lining

1.chest and torso: 5mm
2.arms: 2mm
3.lower legs (front and back): 3mm
4.underarm gusset: 1.5mm
5.back panel: 3mm
6.buttocks (*closed cell neoprene): 3mm
7.collar: 1.5mm (folded)
8.arm grip-panels: 1.5mm (*closed cell neoprene)
9.leg release panels: 1.5mm (*closed cell neoprene)

We offer a week minimum due the time scales of sending, drying and returning the suits.
Mon - Friday - We do not cover return postage
The suit will arrive the 1st working day before this date
The deposit is returned immediately on receipt of the suit, please return with invoice or order number.