Select your suit and the size you require, then select the dates for which you need the wetsuit (we will deliver the first working day before this date). We offer a minimum hire period of 1 week due to the time involved with sending and returning the suit, this will give you time to change the suit if you get the wrong size, and to then fully dry and return the wetsuit on a cheaper postal service (we recommend 2nd class to sign for). Input your delivery address, then pay for the time you have specified. Obviously we want the suit back in good condition, however we do understand small amounts of wear and tear are expected.

What we don't want is a smelly ripped wetsuit back 2 months after the hire date! We are very nice people so will only take £10 each day if the suit is very late back and no attempt has been made to return it, fair? we think so. We will deliver the equipment to your specified address the first working day before your chargeable period via courier, you will be emailed to specify the hour it is delivered, so make sure someones in to sign!! (we cant refund hire charge if no one was available to sign!)...

Try the suit on, if you have stuck to the sizing guide available the suit should fit perfectly, but in the eventuality that the suit doesn't fit, let us know and we can get the next size up/down out in time for your swim. Then use the wetsuit and have fun!! Dry the suit out (using the advice given in our wetsuit care section) and send it on back using the bag we sent the suit out in (keep that plastic use down!).... Simple!!!

Your shipping acts as your deposit, postage is actually free on all suits and accessories, but we levy a refundable shipping cost on check out to act as a deposit. This will be fully refunded on return of the suit as specified above. You will have to cover the cost of returning the suit, we are Bournemouth based wetsuit hire incase you fancy popping down to the coast and picking it up, maybe trying it out at one of our local beaches!!