Wetsuit Sizing & Care

Getting your size right is very important, which is why we created this wetsuit sizing guide! A wetsuit should fit like a second skin, tight but not restrictive, sitting flush against all the nooks and crannies of your body. For example the small of your back in order to keep your kidneys warm, and high on your neck to create a good seal and prevent flushing in the wetsuit. The length in the suit is also very important too ensure a good fit around the torso, especially the shoulders where it is important to keep the maximum amount of flexibility. We do en-devour to have most sizes in store, however if we do not then compromise by going for your nearest size, always opting for the larger of the sizes you are between, e.g if you ideally are a MS but it is not available then go for M, which should be fine.

Suits being a little large are ok, they will still do their job but not stop you moving or breathing!! Suits that are too small will feel awful and wear you down. Ladies should always opt for their dress size, however once again if you are between sizes always go for the size up! Swim suits are notoriously tight fitting, so be prepared for that and calculate that into your choice if you are stuck between sizes. Boot sizes are the same as your shoe size but again are tight so if you are a 9.5 go with a 10!! Glove and hood sizes are simply a case of judging yourself, although as a rule of thumb, people with a size UK 8-9 shoe size tend to fit well in a MEDIUM glove, so work from that!

Size Charts Are Provided On Each Wetsuit Page